What Is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is short for electronic commerce, which is sometimes also called internet commerce. This is referring to the process of buying and selling goods or services online. 

Types Of E-Commerce

If you Google this question a whole array of answers come up but were going to break it down here to the three main e-commerce business models that we deal with.

Business to Consumer - B2C

Business to Consumer or B2C is where a business sells directly to an individual consumer. Examples of this could be retail stores or even a service such as Netflix. The important thing to define this is that these companies only sell to individuals and not other businesses. 

Business to Business - B2B

Business to Business or B2C is where a business sells it’s product or service to other businesses. An example of this would be a business that supplies the products to a retail business for them to sell in their store to their customers.

Consumer to Consumer - C2C

Consumer to Consumer or C2C is where a consumer sells directly to other consumers. This is an interesting business model, and can be seen with examples like Ebay where users put up what they want to sell and other users can buy them.

E-Commerce Platforms

Having tried, tested and even built e-commerce platforms from scratch we have settled on two different platforms that we use. We’ll break down here the two options here.

Popularity of e-commerce platforms from https://trends.builtwith.com/shop


WooCommerce is an add-on for the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular way of building a website in 2020 and WooCommerce is the most popular way of build an e-commerce store in 2020 with around 27% of all online stores in the top 1 million websites being built with it. It comes highly recommended by us and here are just a few reason why:

  • It is free! WordPress the platform it is built on is free too, you can’t get better than that.
  • It is open-source, this means that code that makes it work is freely available for anyone to see, download or contribute to. This ensures that nothing bad is in the code and that the community can fix bugs.
  • It is completely customisable and can be made to look and feel exactly how you’d like.
  • It is easy to use by a regular person. You don’t need a lifetime of web developing experience to run the shop. Once it is set up the admin s very easy to use, update and modify. 
  • It is mobile friendly and will work on all devices with no problems at all. This is great for SEO
  • We LOVE it and have been using it for many years.

What Are Some Examples Of WooCommerce Stores?

Here are a few examples of stores that we have built using WooCommerce.

SicoMTB Products
Barber Capes
DD Cycles


Shopify is a platform specifically designed for e-commerce and is becoming more and more popular particularly with those who have never run an online store before. It is extremely easy to get set up and Shopify handles all the payments. Shopify is now the second most popular way of building an e-commerce store in 2020 with around 22% of all online stores in the top 1 million websites being built with it. It comes with a 14 day free trial to test it out, and then you must select a payment plan. The starting cost is $29 a month and they got up to $299,  to get close to the features that WooCommerce has you’ll need at least the middle package which is $79 a month. Here are the good points of Shopify.

  • You don’t need to set up hosting and it is included in the costs. The hosting is also fast and secure with Shopify running everything behind the scenes.
  • It has fantastic customer service. They have huge teams that can help you if you get stuck with anything and they help extremely fast. 
  • It offers free “themes” which are designs for your store which can be edited fairly easily and you can move things around by dragging and dropping the bit you want to move. For more advanced themes you’ll need to buy one or have your web developer make one. 
  • It makes linking the shop to Facebook and Instagram very easy and marketing on those platforms with just a few clicks.
  • They own their own dropshipping platform which integrates fairly easy, although would require some technical knowledge to maintain.
  • Very quick to set-up.

What Are Some Examples Of Shopify Stores?

Here is a Shopify store we built:

What is an example of a shopify store?

Our Work

We have completed many different projects, ranging in size from personal sites to full corporation websites. We can work with any size project. Why not check out our Portfolio and see some examples of work we have done. 

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