SSL Certificate

What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a digital file that when installed correctly on a web server will enable the website to move from HTTP to HTTPS which is more secure. When activated it shows the padlock next to the URL  in your web browser, this means that the communication between the browser and the web server is encrypted and secure. 

SSL Certificate
The padlock indicating the communication between your browser and this web site is secure

Do I Need A SSL Certificate?

If your website requires any information to be submitted then you need a SSL Certificate. The HTTPS means that information such as personal data, credit/debit card information and password are encrypted, so only you and the website you are communicating with can see that information, if your website uses any of this and you don’t have a certificate then Google will warn the user that their connection to your website is insecure. That will surely turn people away. Google is encouraging that everyone uses HTTPS and is ranking websites higher in it’s search results than those website that HTTP meaning they are good for SEO!

do i need a ssl certificate

How Much Does A SSL Certificate Cost?

How much a SSL Certificate costs is dependent on what you use case for it is. The most expensive  are almost €4000! However the ones that we use with our secure hosting are free! They are supplied by a company called Lets Encrypt and last for 90 days. Our hosting is designed to work flawlessly with them and once we have done the initial setting up they will automatically renew keeping the connection to your website secure. 

Our Work

We have completed many different projects, ranging in size from personal sites to full corporation websites. We can work with any size project. Why not check out our Portfolio and see some examples of work we have done, you’ll see they all have the padlock.

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